Welcome to StenTel – An Information Management and Services Company

Since 1966, StenTel has been providing voice capture and transcription services for different industries across the board. We service hospitals and clinics, insurance carriers and claims adjusters, law firms, court systems, police departments and businesses of all types, both small and large.

We are a nationally top-ranked documentation provider because of our distinct ability to deliver superior quality and offer flexible options to meet any need.

Documentation outsourcing is common today because it makes economic sense. However, factors such as complex workflows, the need for access to information in the form of data, security, timeliness, accuracy and cost make it challenging to find the ideal solution provider.

At StenTel we believe business relationships endure when time is taken to properly assess needs and tailor solutions that support long range objectives. We offer this type of consultation at no charge to our clients to ensure strong beginnings and lasting success.