Email Encryption

StenTel strives to provide a complete solution for our clients. Part of that solution is email encryption with ZixCorp technology. With the increase in technology in the business world and the need to keep client and employee information secure, it is imperative that your office keep your emails safe through encryption.

We want to make email encryption for your business as simple and effective as possible. As a ZixCorp Diamond Partner, we are able to provide multiple options to find the best encryption solution for your office. Whether you are a small office or one that sends hundreds of emails per day, there is a solution for you. Click through our available solutions below to learn more and find the right fit for your encryption needs.

To learn more about email encryption and what it means for your business, click the button above to attend a webinar hosted by ZixCorp.



A desktop email encryption solution delivered through your existing email address with the push of a button.


ZixGateway Hosted

A cloud hosted, policy-based email encryption system that inspects all outbound emails without any additional hardware or user action.



A branded secure messaging portal and component of ZixCorp email encryption services allowing users without email encryption capabilities to securely send and receive messages.