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Health Reform and Health Information Technology has significantly impacted the need for improved methods for clinical documentation. StenTel’s offerings are designed to enhance productivity, reduce costs, enable HIT adoption, and deliver better outcomes.

Healthcare Solutions

Solutions Portfolio

Medical Dictation

As Health Reform aims to improve the access and quality of patient care while reducing the cost of care, StenTel aims to offer holistic solutions that serve Health Information Management in meeting these objectives. Clinical Documentation Creation: … [Read more...]

Clinical Documentation Creation

Dictating medical findings

 StenTel’s portfolio spans four core areas of health information management beginning with Clinical Documentation Creation. Talking is the most natural form of communication. Dictation is therefore a Clinical Document Creation asset for maximizing … [Read more...]

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Clinical Documentation Improvement

Improve Medical Record Quality

 Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) is the accountability connector between document creation, coding and quality reporting. CDI enriches the quality of patient care as well as hospital reimbursements by focusing on coding accuracy and reporting … [Read more...]

Coding & Revenue Cycle Management

Computer Assisted Coding

ICD-10 coding alone presents a number of HIM challenges, such as:  Physician training to document with adequate acuity and specificity; Knowledge of auditors (coders and CDI specialists) to correct document deficiencies; and Electronic Medical Records … [Read more...]

Data Mining, Analytics & Quality Reporting

Data Mining analytics & quality reporting

Effective data mining begins with data aggregation from disparate sources to create a central source of information for querying. With billions of narrative notes created every year, dictation and transcribed notes remain an important source of … [Read more...]