About Us

Providing Innovative Business Solutions

StenTel Information Management Services is a company with over 50 years of experience in the information management sector.  Since 1966, we have been providing services to business professionals in industries across the board, with specialization in the Insurance, Medical, Legal and Public Safety fields. We specialize in solving problems for some of the largest companies in these important industries but take pride in finding solutions for small businesses and solo practitioners as well.

We have become experts in managing information in all of its forms and formats from paper to digital files, to recorded video, speech to handwritten text, and more. We transform and deliver the data to our customers in a variety of formats and in ways that they never thought possible.  We do it more cost effectively and with greater accuracy than anyone in our field, and our customers stay with us year after year because they see it every day.

As a member of the InfraWare family of companies, we pride ourselves on the ability to scale to the same high level of customer service to both our largest and smallest clients. We are a trusted resource for Fortune 100 companies, health systems, law offices, and companies of all shapes and sizes across the U.S.

By creating opportunities for our clients to realize significant benefits through innovative technology use, greater efficiencies, and increased revenues we have grown our company to over 100 employees at 4 New England locations.  Our goal is to help our customers grow their businesses, and we look forward to showing you how you can do it.

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