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Document Management Services from a Company with Nearly 50 Years in the Document Business

StenTel is accustomed to working in industries that are heavily dependent on documentation.   The Insurance, Medical, Legal, and Public Safety sectors account for the majority of our clients but we also serve clients from a multitude of other industries that have various documentation needs varying from the storage of their digital files to converting their paper documents to digital archives.

Today’s businesses are leveraging the available technology to increase the efficiency and organization of their companies while also being eco-friendly and decreasing their environmental impact through reduction of resources used (paper, energy, workspace, time, and money.) To this end, we are helping our customers create “paperless” work environments that bring all of these goals within reach and help them to remain competitive in the global marketplace.

Our document management services program includes:

  • Paper document reduction through scanning and destroying paper files
  • Optical character recognition (OCR) use when feasible
  • Creation of electronic libraries

Our document management services deliver:

  • Reduced space requirements (eliminate massive paper file repositories)
  • Reduced paper expense
  • Improved document search times (not just for specific files but even searching by key words or phrases)
  • Easy File sharing capability
  • Lowered risk of lost or misplaced files
  • Reduced need for copying and printing documents
  • Improved integration with RCM and other technology suites
  • Reduced need for physical security around records

Our document management services are high quality, affordable and dependable.  We have the technology and experience to improve and solve the document management problems of your business.

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