Secure Email


Encrypted Email Solutions for 1 to 1,000 employees.

Every business cares about its clients and security but not every business is doing enough to protect their information. If you email financial information or personally identifying information of clients or employees, and if you receive any such information from Massachusetts residents or businesses, then your business is required to encrypt these emails.

Law firms, financial entities, and medical practices are among these businesses, but many are still not protecting this information. If you don’t think your business currently emails any of this sensitive information, talk to your HR administrator or office management team. Your HR department could be in violation every time they send communication (even within the company) containing an employee’s personal information!  There are substantial financial penalties and sanctions for such violations today in several U.S. states, not to mention at the Federal level.

As a ZixCorp Premier Partner, we are a key reseller for a range of Zix Email Encryption solutions.  With hundreds of customer deployments under our belt, StenTel is ready to help you preserve the privacy of your information. With a user-friendly, rules-based structure, you can encrypt your emails without having to take any additional steps once the program is installed within your email system. When it can be this easy and affordable, why take the risk of not encrypting?

Prevent identity theft, credit card fraud, loss of proprietary business data and provide a valuable service to your employees, vendors and business partners at the same time.

StenTel offers a variety of encryption solutions to best fit the needs of your company:

ZixMail – A single-user desktop solution that encrypts with the push of a button.  Cost-effective security for 1-4 business users.

ZixGateway A securely hosted, predetermined policy-based system that inspects and only encrypts outbound emails that contain sensitive information.  A no-maintenance solution with no need for additional hardware or user action to encrypt email.  Highly effective for companies with up to 1,000 users – or more.

ZixPort – A branded secure messaging portal that allows clients, vendors and other business correspondents to encrypt email sent to you, and provides total control over the user experience with your organization.  This is a value-added service to everyone you do business with and allows you to maintain the brand messaging your company has developed.  Most important for companies that want granular control over their email policies and for those that send and receive confidential information on a regular basis.

ZixDLP –  Prior to leaving your organization’s network, all outbound email is scanned by ZixDLP. If a policy is triggered, the email is sent to the ZixDLP quarantine system, and the user who sent the email receives a notification message. Embedded in the notification is a link to where the user can easily review the quarantined email message. Administrators can enable employees to review and release the email with justification noted, or to delete the email and draft a new version.

  • Protect your organization against loss of proprietary data.
  • Policies based on your specifications.
  • Forensic auditing to ensure policies are not being violated: allows you to coach staff if they are in violation.
  • Deploy as stand-alone solution or in addition to other ZixCorp products.

Contact us today for our extremely competitive single-user and large group pricing models.  Pricing starts at under $100 per year, per user.