Medical Coding for Hospitals

hospital medical coding

Hospital Medical Coding – the Heart of the Billing Process

Accurate hospital medical coding is critical to ensuring that the organization is in optimal financial condition. Without proper coding, your organization stands to lose considerable revenue and face fines and penalties related to improper use or over-billing. StenTel is prepared to help your organization achieve a 99% coding accuracy rate, increased revenue and cash flow as claims are filed more quickly and completely.

At StenTel, our CPC certified coders are highly skilled in all areas of coding and able to help your hospital improve its billing and collection practices and in turn increasing your bottom line. Our hospital medical coding specialists receive continuous training and education to ensure that they stay current with codes for new diagnoses and procedures as well as all new coding systems including ICD-10. They are educated on and familiar with a wide range of insurance plans and their individual coding and billing submission requirements in order to provide you with the most complete and accurate coding possible.

Our Qualified Staff

We don’t use inexperienced people fresh out of high-school for hospital medical coding, as many do.  Every StenTel coder has a professional nursing background and is experienced and thoroughly trained in abstracting coding information from detailed medical charts and reports. By carefully reviewing and analyzing each record and its accompanying notes and test results, our coders are able to identify relevant diagnoses and procedures for each patient visit and ensure that all eligible codes are properly applied. After review of the records, specific CPT, HCPCS, and ICD codes are assigned to ensure payment is made for all relevant procedures and treatments as quickly as possible and without the delays found with improper coding.

Worried About ICD-10 Coding?

StenTel’s coding professionals are fully trained in the latest hospital medical coding practices and guidelines and are available for consultation. Our coders are trained not only on ICD-10 changes but also receive ongoing training on CPT and HCPCS codes and the constantly evolving industry regulations and guidelines. By working with us, your practice can continue to run smoothly no matter what the future brings.