Insurance Support Services

Insurance Support Services

Insurance Support Services & Solutions

StenTel  is one of the elite few organizations that provides large-scale insurance support services for property and casualty carriers across the U.S. Our experience with top 10 insurance companies puts us in an exclusive class of providers able to surpass the rigorous security and accuracy standards demanded by the best in the industry.  Meeting these benchmarks at all times has enabled us to maintain highly successful long-term relationships with these companies.

Quality and Timeliness – Our Trademark

We continually work to ensure that every employee that touches your work product is fully qualified and motivated to provide the best service levels possible.  In order to support our experienced team of transcriptionists, our quality assurance oversight group reviews files before they are released to the customer as a secondary measure to ensure the highest accuracy and quick turnaround times.

StenTel also conducts regular testing and validation of work produced to ensure that no slippage occurs with its transcriptionists.  We understand that quality and timeliness are exceedingly important to our clients.

Security and Confidentiality is Assured

SysTrust Cert

SysTrust Certified

All StenTel employees supporting our insurance clients work in the U.S. in our secured offices.  As part of the on-boarding process, each StenTel employee receives security and compliance training and also signs a confidentiality agreement.  Additional and recurring training is provided at regular intervals for all employees.  These training sessions emphasize information security policies, proper use of technology, current regulations regarding privacy/security and the latest methods for maintaining a secure work environment.

In order to ensure that our employees understand the full scope of confidentiality, we make clear all of the requirements and expectations of the employees with regard to data security.  Our employee handbook reinforces the mandate to maintain the security and privacy of our customers’ work product and specifies that any breach of company policies or existing statutes may result in termination.

StenTel management is actively engaged in the maintenance of the security framework, including:

  1. Maintaining a written information security plan
  2. Providing a regular training regimen for employees
  3. Conducting regular independent audits of the company’s internal processes, policies and technical security measures

StenTel Has the Capabilities Insurance Carriers Need

From our audio transcription service to contents valuation, StenTel is a world class insurance industry resource.  We will save your organization time and money while increasing the accuracy of your work product.  We have proven over nearly 50 years that we can help our clients in ways they never thought possible, and that is worth remembering the next time your company is requesting bid proposals or considering a change in vendors.

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