Property Contents Program

Over 4,250,000 property contents items priced in 2015.  More than 14,500 individual inventories.

StenTel’s property loss inventory and contents valuation division provides companies across the U.S. with a timely and accurate service allowing them to increase production and efficiency while decreasing the amount of man hours and guesswork involved with an in-house contents valuation workflow. Through the use of industry-leading software, StenTel is able to identify and verify contents values with the speed and accuracy that enhances and expedites the claims process.  For the largest carriers and others processing large claims, our service is saving customers millions of dollars every year.

StenTel offers two specific services as part of this program which are very powerful when used together, but can also be used separately.  For those managing the entire program in-house, we typically reduce your cost by over 50% while improving the accuracy of the claims valued.

Inventory Capture Service Details >>>

Contents Valuation Service Details >>>

What are the benefits:

  • We do it for far less than any in-house company service
  • We do it for far less than other outsource services and software
  • Validated: our service is actually more accurate than any other method
  • It removes the tedious burden of researching contents values
  • It frees adjusters to focus on more strategic tasks
  • Achieves accurate and defensible valuations, faster cycle times, and enhanced customer satisfaction

We customize our service to fit your claims and the specific needs of your company!

• We assign verified and objective values to your inventoried items
• Prices are assigned by specific brands and model numbers (if provided in the inventory)
• Discontinued models can be compared and priced with currently available equivalents

We work with you to determine the best submission and delivery method for your claims. We are able to take submissions via phone, voice recording, or text file (any document or spreadsheet format).

Reduce your expenses and improve your customer satisfaction by calling for a free demonstration and proposal: (888) 228-8646 and ask for our Property Contents Valuation Sales Manager, Christian Barthelette or email us at

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