Contents Valuation Service

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Property Contents Valuation for Insurance Claims

Keep Your People in the Field – We’ll do the Rest!

Property contents valuation services can be very expensive to manage internally for  any company.  They can be even more expensive when outsourcing to a vendor.  Although we provide an outsourcing solution, StenTel’s Contents Valuation  service is far less expensive than any other software or outsourced solution and just as accurate as any contents valuation process in the marketplace.  All work is done by U.S. based workers in a highly secure and proprietary operations center.

Benefits to you aside from cost reduction

  • NO Software to buy or install
  • Seamless integration with your process
  • Recorded, written or typed inventories are accepted
  • No minimums or unexpected fees: pay by items priced only, flat fee
  • Live calls are accepted from your adjustment team in the field

Your Property Claim Workflow

Once an inventory list has been generated, every item on the list will be valued according to the standards set by your company.

  • Using industry leading software and other client-approved methods, we price all items
  • We provide supporting information for the price of each item
  • We are platform agnostic and customize our methods for every client depending on their specific requirements
  • 24 – 48 hour turnaround for all but the largest (several thousand items) of jobs

StenTel CVS is the best kept secret in the Insurance industry.  We work for the biggest carriers (top 10) in the business, and are happy to work with small to mid-sized carriers and claims operations

All of our clients benefit from our services because we do it for less and we do it better than anyone else.  That’s why we continue to do it for them, year after year.  We can’t tell you who our largest clients are because they want to keep their competitive advantage.  But year after year, more smart executives and business owners are realizing that StenTel provides the best solution for processing and pricing property contents claims.  We would be happy to present our total value proposition so you can see how we compare to your current process.

  • Large companies are saving millions of dollars every year using our services
  • SMBs increase the number of claims handled as well as revenue
  • Large losses are turned around in a fraction of the usual time, usually 48 hours or less

Reduce your expenses and improve your customer satisfaction by calling for a free demonstration and proposal: (888) 228-8646 and ask for our Property Contents Valuation Sales Manager, Christian Barthelette or email us at