Revenue Cycle Management

hospital medical coding

Revenue Cycle Management Solutions from an Industry Leader with over 20 years of Experience in RCM Optimization

While StenTel may not be a name instantly associated with RCM solutions, the fact is, we offer some of the best tools and resources in the medical industry.  Our RCM team has been front and center in the development and successful implementation of RCM solutions that are superbly effective in increasing cash flow for our clients, including major organizations in the healthcare industry.  We are bound by non-disclosure agreements not to publicly reveal our clients, but if we could, it would be clear that it is a who’s who of prestigious and (in some cases) world renowned medical organizations across the United States.

StenTel’s Revenue Cycle Management solutions provide specialty medical billing services to group practices, clinics and individual physicians resulting in:

  • Cleaner Claims
  • Compliance with Regulations
  • Faster Maximum Reimbursement

Revenue Cycle Management Solutions – RAC Audits

RAC Audits reduce reimbursements paid to healthcare providers. Statistics reveal that physician coding error rates average 62%. With StenTel you can:

  • Avoid Delayed Billing or Denied Claims
  • Remain Compliant with Up-to-Date Systems
  • Mitigate the Risk of RAC Audit Fines

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