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Clinical Documentation (Medical Transcription 2.0)

Conventional medical transcription services can be limiting and costly because they require physicians or their staff to do coding subsequent to the transcription process. StenTel’s approach to clinical documentation is to code documents while transcribing them, eliminating a second handling of the document, thereby reducing the overall cost.

As StenTel’s trained clinical documentation staff listens to dictation, they enter relevant content into EHR/EMR charts and simultaneously derive diagnosis and procedure codes (CPT, ICD-9, and ICD-10). This combines the process of documentation and coding to maximize the benefits of complete documentation at lower overall costs. StenTel’s approach and blend of expertise and technology offers several key benefits:

Physicians and mid-level practitioners do not have to lose efficiency by entering notes or learning ever-changing coding intricacies. StenTel will document diagnosis and procedure codes from narrative documentation and review of EHR-generated codes to complete both the narrative and coding documentation required for compliant billing.

-Improved Efficiency
Both traditional transcription and self-documentation can lead to wasted time and other inefficiencies. Providers often struggle to get dictation tools to work properly resulting in valuable time being spent making corrections to progress notes, operative reports, and other medical documents. StenTel’s clinical documentation service with back-end speech recognition delivers your notes “complete” to improve efficiency and help physicians recapture more time.

-ICD-10 Readiness
Our team of Certified Professional Coders (CPCs) correctly codes records the first time allowing for the collection process to be expedited. Our expert knowledge in ICD-10 coding aid in planning for the October 2014 conversion and eliminating worries associated with ICD-10 readiness.

-Claims Submission
Medical practices typically rely on separate processes or third-party companies to submit claims to insurance companies. With StenTel, there is no need to separate this service since we can generate and submit superbills on your behalf. With follow-up communication, we make sure prompt payment is received. The secret for obtaining improved reimbursement rates (compared to industry norms) is providing complete and comprehensive documentation. That is how StenTel’s complete services deliver the best results.

 -Advanced Expertise and Technology
If transcriptionists or coders lack specific medical specialty experience, the risk for documentation and coding errors, and subsequently RAC Audits, increases. This can also create unnecessary delays in claims reimbursement.

Our documentation specialists have years of medical specialty transcription experience and are Certified Professional Coders (CPCs). Our advanced technologies make our system simple and convenient for anyone to use. We can also work with your existing technology to keep the process streamlined and easy-to-use. Either way, we can help reduce errors to improve accuracy and consistency, and to maximize the timely collection of reimbursements.

StenTel offers an all-in-one solution for medical documentation, billing, and coding. By combining an experienced workforce with advanced technology tools, we make it possible for health care providers to get the most out of complete documentation.

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