Pre-RAC Audit Program

If you are a Medicare and/or Medicaid provider you have the potential to be targeted by a RAC Audit. When audits occur, you can attempt to protect yourself, however, you and your staff may not have the knowledge or resources to provide you with the defense that you need. Many practices turn to their lawyers when this happens but this can lead to substantial and ongoing costs as the RAC Audit programs are conducted on a continuous and permanent basis. The best defense you can take is to become part of StenTel’s Pre-RAC Audit Program.

Pre-Audit Coding and Documentation

StenTel offers coding and documentation analysis designed to help your practice avoid future RAC Audits. A Coding and Documentation Specialist will assess regulation compliance, review your procedure and diagnosis codes, documentation, and patient records for the previous 6 month period. After completing this thorough assessment, they will determine the appropriate steps that your practice can take to reduce future susceptibility.

For practices of any size, our service is affordable and available on a subscription basis. Our Pre-RAC Audit program serves a diverse group of clients ranging from solo practitioners to multi-site, multi-specialty practices. We have the proven ability to reduce billing and coding error rates from over 60% to fewer than 10% in numerous up-coding and under-coding situations.