Transcription – for Small Business to the Fortune 500

Transcription has been at the core of our business since its inception in 1966. StenTel was founded as a court reporting agency, providing expert stenography and transcription to The only SOC3 Certified Transcriber in the UScourts and attorneys in New England.  We continued to grow and in 1990 StenTel was founded to include services for the medical, insurance, and public safety industries nationwide!

Our transcription solution utilizes seasoned transcription professionals aided by the latest workflow technology (with or without integration of voice recognition technology depending on the client’s needs & preferences).  Over the years we have perfected our systems and technology, and we now provide a proven, patented transcription solution that saves time and money for industries of every variety.

Easy to Implement, Easy to Use

We offer four easy ways for clients to get their dictation and other digital recordings to us:

  • Send directly to StenTel using our free, secure smartphone app from your smart phone
  • Upload your recordings from a digital dictation device to our secure web portal
  • Record directly to our patented audio capture system (using one of StenTel’s no cost toll-free lines) from any phone
  • Custom interface solutions are available for hospitals, insurance carriers and large corporate customers with long term service agreements

“Front End” Technology Requires Editing on “The Back End”

Historically, StenTel has provided an “all-in-one” transcription service, meaning we would transcribe, proofread and edit your audio files turning them into highly accurate documents that were ready to use in business.  Today things are a bit more complex much of the time.

As voice recognition technology has improved, many organizations have migrated at least partially to speech recognition software and technologies to create a text record of client encounters and dictated reports.  While this lessens the amount of time needed to create a text record, organizations that require maximum accuracy are not usually satisfied with the initial document product.  To remedy this, organizations requiring high accuracy documentation work with StenTel to provide the final “Back End” editing needed.

StenTel offers “Back End” services at a very reasonable cost for organizations using Nuance (Dragon), M*Moddal, 3M (ChartScript) and other speech recognition platforms.  Our final product yields a completed document that is at least eight times more accurate than the best speech recognition technologies used alone.

Turnaround time an issue?  We are open 24/7/365 to serve your most critical needs.  1 to 2 hour turnaround is available.  For STAT jobs, call our customer service team toll-free at (888) 228-8646.

  • STAT medical reports & documentation
  • Priority Police reports & interviews

Produced in the US

Have a job and need an estimate?  Click here for a free, no obligation estimate in 4 hours or less.

Today, we provide expert transcription with a minimum 98.5% accuracy rate as a result of the high standards that we have set for our transcriptionists and company as a whole. We use the most secure and efficient processes and technology available to make transcription as painless as possible for our clients. While we primarily serve business and government entities, we are also able to serve individuals with a single job (educational interviews, etc.) to transcribe.  We work with you to make sure that all documents are in the format that you require through the use of your templates or creation of custom templates.  We also apply rigorous quality assurance checks to every job we do to ensure the best accuracy possible.

Whether you prefer to upload your audio files through our secure (free) app,  from your digital recorder, a computer or dictate via our toll free call-in line, we have an efficient and secure system to receive and return your accurately transcribed files to you quickly and efficiently.

Our Transcriptionists

Our transcriptionists

Numbering 100 or so, each of StenTel’s staff members is carefully selected to ensure the accuracy and confidentiality of your files. We have made a commitment to provide the most secure environment for your work and as such, we require background checks for all employees. We also require them to sign a non-disclosure agreement as a condition of employment, and regular training in security and confidentiality requirements and regulations.  More>>>

We have made sure that we provide a secure onsite U.S. facility for our transcriptionists in order to give you peace of mind while still providing an economical solution.  We are proud to be a major employer supporting the local economy in the Greater Boston, Springfield and Worcester, Massachusetts areas as well as the Providence, Rhode Island metro region.