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Insurance Transcription Services – From the largest to the smaller specialty carriers, StenTel IMS is the Vendor of Choice

StenTel IMS is one of the elite few that provides insurance transcription services for property and casualty insurers on a massive scale – tens of millions of lines every year.  We work with carriers across the U.S. providing skilled and affordable solutions that make claims executives and CEOs smile when they review the results. Our experience with Top 10 insurance companies puts us in an exclusive class of providers that are able to meet or surpass the rigorous security and accuracy requirements that are mandatory to work with companies at the top of their industry.

Our high standards and superior quality, combined with very affordable rates has allowed us to maintain highly successful long-term relationships with companies that demand the very best of outsourced insurance transcription services.

We provide transcription of the following:

  • Adjuster claims dictation
  • Loss Control dictation & reports
  • Progress and status reports
  • Property loss reports
  • Property loss itemization
  • In-house counsel notes, letters, reports, etc.
  • Call center audio

Turnaround time for your documents is up to you.

If our standard turnaround time of 24 hours isn’t satisfactory, we can arrange custom specifications for your work that will meet your needs.  We have a large workforce of full-time transcriptionists and a network of independent contractors to back them up.  This flexibility allows us to quickly react to sudden influxes resulting from widespead claims areas and catosphrophic events.  We’ve got your back under almost any circumstance.

Don’t see the insurance transcription services you need?

Just ask if we can do it! We have the ability to process and transcribe all types of reports and dictations and can work with you to create an efficient and cost-effective work flow.  We use your:

  • Custom document templates (unlimited number of templates can be used)
  • Specific instructions as to formatting
  • All processes can be customized to your needs

Our custom insurance transcription services have allowed our largest clients to see cost reductions of at least 30% when compared to costs from previous providers. Those that have previously used in-house transcription staff have seen even greater savings.  For a list of available carrier references, please send us a request using our Contact page.

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