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Claims Transcription – Audio Files

StenTel has unmatched experience in the insurance industry in providing a complete, cost-effective, and efficient insurance transcription solution.  We provide comprehensive management of digital voice recording and claims transcription. We develop a customized workflow solution for every client that allows for audio capture, storage, and transcription, as well as the generation of administrative reports. The workflow allows for automation of recorded statements, interviews, and other word processing thereby creating administrative efficiencies and time and money savings.

Selective Transcription on Demand

We understand that in the insurance industry not all of your audio files require transcription. Therefore, all files that are sent to StenTel can be stored indefinitely or transcribed upon request. You have 24/7 access to your files through your secure personal online portal where you can listen to stored audio, request transcription, and print completed documents.

The Insurance Industry’s Most Secure Vendor

Security is our number one priority and we employ numerous measures to keep your files and information confidential.  We are the industry’s only SysTrust SOC3 Certified transcription company.  Our security measures include integrity and access controls, message authentication, encryption, alarms, audits, and event reporting. Additionally, we require that all employees and independent contractors undergo background checks to ensure the reliability of our workforce.

Audio Capture & Retrieval

Our patented workflow solution and state-of-the-art data center make the storage, retrieval and transmittal of audio files easy, secure, and dependable and allow us to customize the method of audio capture to fit your needs. You can upload your files from a digital recorder or create them right on our system by phone through our toll-free call-in line. Your data is stored in our secure data center located at our corporate headquarters in Springfield, MA. Along with our primary storage site, your files are securely replicated in real-time to our fully redundant disaster recovery data center in Marlborough, MA. Your files can be stored indefinitely or scheduled for deletion based on your needs.

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