Courtroom Audio Transcription

Legal transcription services

Courtroom Audio Transcription from a Certified Court Reporting Agency

Along with our sister Division, Catuogno Court Reporting, StenTel is a certified court reporting agency in Massachusetts, and is an approved vendor for the transcription of courtroom audio for court systems across the U.S. We have experience in transcribing cases of all types and lengths and our transcriptionists are well-versed in legal proceedings and terminology. You can be sure that you will receive an accurate and verbatim transcript of your courtroom recordings.

  • Small claims court
  • Hearings
  • Grand Jury
  • Standard court proceedings of any kind
  • Unlimited length recordings – 40 hours, 50 hours – these are everyday jobs for StenTel’s Transcriptionists
  • Recorded audio from CD, DVD, tape, etc.
  • Video transcription
An AAERT Member Organization

An AAERT Member Organization

Courtroom Audio Transcription that is Accurate, Secure and Protects Client Privacy

We understand the necessity of having accurate and complete records of the proceedings, so we work diligently to ensure that our courtroom audio transcription is of the highest quality. Our pool of transcriptionists goes through rigorous quality assurance checks before being approved to work on your cases and even includes former court reporters. Transcriptionists are also required to undergo background checks and sign non-disclosure agreements to ensure that any confidential information contained in your files stays confidential. As a SysTrust SOC3 certified company, we have shown our ability to maintain a highly secure facility and workflow and must undergo annual re-certification to ensure that our systems and processes are fully functioning and up-to-date with the most current technology to keep your work safe.

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