Medical Transcription Services

medical transcription services

It’s Time to Make EMR/EHR Technology Work Efficiently!

StenTel has been a premier provider of medical transcription services for the healthcare industry for over 25 years. As our business has grown, we have continued to update our transcription offerings to include apps and services to greatly improve your efficiency when you use the latest EMR/EHR and RCM healthcare information solutions.  StenTel provides services that elevate and redefine the term “meaningful use” for our practitioners.

Our service offerings include real-time data entry into your EMR/EHR system.  This eliminates the awkwardness of having a scribe physically present in the examination room while achieving the same results at a much lower cost.

If the practitioner prefers to add notes and visit information manually, our new app streamlines the data entry process with an intuitively designed, fully customizable interface.


We believe that technology in the healthcare world should enable, not hinder, the productivity of physicians. As such, we work to provide solutions that support all methods of information creation. As a Top 10 KLAS nationally ranked medical transcription provider, we offer a high quality service at a price that few can compete with. You might be thinking that traditional medical transcription is on it’s way out with the advent of new technology in the healthcare world, but as speech is the most natural form of communication, it remains the quickest and easiest way for medical professionals to document their work. Studies have also shown that Medical Transcriptionists deliver a higher quality report than both speech recognition technology and even caregivers creating their own documentation.

High quality medical transcription services aid the clinician by speeding the creation of documents and improving their quality while simultaneously controlling the costs of implementing new technologies. StenTel has proven to be a reliable partner for hospitals and medical practices across the U.S. even as changes in technology have been a constant challenge in the healthcare landscape.

As the needs of our healthcare customers evolve, we work to develop new ways to support them so that they can keep their focus where it should be- on their practice and patients.

Beyond Medical Transcription Services

Medical transcription services have evolved to not only include typing of dictations but also editing of dictation taken through speech recognition software. StenTel offers both of these services across the industries leading platforms including 3M Chartscript and eScription. We utilize some of the best MTs and speech recognition editors in the country in conjunction with a variety of individually tailored workflow options to serve hospitals and clinics nationwide.

Over the years we have extended our services well beyond basic transcription. We now provide solutions for problems associated with converting paper files to digital information. Using optical character recognition (OCR) and other imaging technologies, we are able to be your complete document and information solutions company. We manage healthcare information in all forms and continuously develop new processes to help you use and manipulate data in the most efficient and useful ways.

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