The StenTel Mobile App


The solution to your dictation problems is here.  The StenTel Mobile App.  Go StenMobile.

No more carrying around your digital recorder.  No more fussy file transfers to your computer.  No more waiting around while your audio uploads to your transcription provider.

Just push the record button, dictate, and hit send when you’re done.  It’s that easy.

  • Free for Stentel customers
  • HIPAA compliant security features
  • Super easy to learn and use
  • Use with your existing StenTel ID!

On the road, in the office or just about anywhere you go, get your documents transcribed by the best in the business: StenTel.

Are you ready to start?  Click the button below to review and download from iTunes.


Need to know more before you download?  Check out the Features and Benefits of the app.

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